Making things out of string

I’ve always been fascinated with what you can create from a ball of yarn or thread. I started crocheting in 1975, knitting in 1990, and weaving in 2001.

T-shirts, art prints and other goods

I have a Society6 shop featuring images of my larger doilies printed on t-shirts, art prints, phone cases, and other goods.

Mega gallery

Here are samples of everything from my Flickr account. Refresh your screen to see new ones, and click on through to see them magnified to ridiculous proportions.

Kilt hose

I knitted these kilt hose for a dear friend, a piper of the highest order. He’s got skinny legs, so he gets tube socks. At some point, I will adapt the pattern for the calf shaping more common in handknitted kilt hose.
Kilt Hose
Kilt Hose modeled

Snowflake ornaments

These are lovely little ornaments. I add iridescent metallic thread to the white cotton crochet thread, which will reflect your holiday lights beautifully. These crocheted snowflakes have been blocked to geometric precision, and are stiffened so that they will not droop. I am not actively making these, but will consider commissions.
Snowflake ornaments

Tartan scarves

I make these in cotton, because I live in hot and humid Houston, and the tabby weave has a soft, rustic look that I like. So they are not completely authentic in that they are not twill-woven and they are not wool. But they can be worn just about any season in any location. I have a wide variety of tartan patterns. Dimensions vary by sett (tartan pattern), but scarves are 10-12″ wide and about 5′ long. Shawls are about 2′ wide and about 5′ long. I generally weave these on commission only. Prices range $90-140 for a scarf, double that for a shawl, depending on number of colors and complexity of pattern.
My MacCord scarf Five tartan scarves