Sterling silver tarnishes with air exposure. Jewelry made since 2016 has been treated to resist tarnish, but older jewelry has not. To minimize tarnishing and protect the jewelry, store it in a plastic bag. Occasional polishing will also help prevent tarnish from taking hold. Polish with a two-part silver jewelry polishing cloth. Plain microfiber cloth also works quite well. The cloth shown in the video is plain microfiber. Do not use polishing cloth with a substantial amount of polishing compound, such as Sunshine Cloth*; the compound will rub off on the thread.

Method: Hold opposite sides of the hoop with the polishing cloth. Pinch left and slide right in one direction, then pinch right and slide left, and so on. The hoop will slide between the rings holding the doily. Use light buffing motions for the ear wires, pendant bails, etc.

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*Sunshine Cloth is marvelous on sterling. I use it on the findings before I assemble them into jewelry. But once I have natural fibers touching silver, I switch to something gentler.